The Team


By the true creators of “The Settlers 2″ and the “Cultures”-series

The mastermind and lead developer of “Valhalla Hills” is no lesser than Thomas Häuser, who was head of „The Settlers 2“ 20 years ago, which is the number one classical build-up game. Thomas also was one of creatives and main programmer of the popular “Cultures”-series. His games have been thrilling millions of players since the end of the 1980’s.

Right next to him is Thorsten Kneisel, another old hand in the sector. Under his guidance the unique graphic-style of Valhalla Hills developed, in cooperation with experts like Ralf Marczinczik (e.g. Gothic, The Settlers 6) and Oswin Neumann (e.g. The Settlers 7, Risen 2).

The studio Funatics is one of the oldest developing companies in Germany, existing for more than 17 years. Masterpieces like “Zanzarah”, the “Cultures”-series or “Tom Clancy’s Endwar” for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP originated here, as well as some sequels of “The Settlers”-series “(Bluebyte / Ubisoft) developed by or with members of the Funatics crew.