Sand of the Damned (DLC 01)

With the desert expansion comes a new flat mountain terrain type (only in free game mode or if Vikings earned enough honor in classic mode!).

The dry deserts are a place of sand and instead of bushes with juice berries, there are only cactuses. There’s also hardly any water, so fishermen have to stay at an oasis to do their job.
To help the Vikings survive and make the land arable, there’s a new type of building: the ‘Irrigator’. It turns sand into meadows, so you can grow crops.

The desert is the home of various dangerous scorpions. Mummies will attack players permanently and will start to spread over time. The threats coming out of the portals are considerably stronger!

Essential Changes:

New terrain type: Desert

  • A new, flat, sandy mountain type: the desert
  • The mountain type can be chosen manually, by starting a new game in free mode or classic mode, if enough honor has been accumulated.

Adjustment to the map generator

  • The map generator has been updated to generate narrow passages on desert maps. Desert mountains are generally more flat.

New enemy type: Mummies

  • Desert mountains feature new enemies: mummies. Right from the start, there will be 1-3 mummy villages on the map. A village consists of few buildings. Mummies will attack players constantly and will slowly spread.

New building: The irrigator

  • The irrigator will turn sand into meadows, so you can grow crops.

An ocean of sand

  • Desert mountains are surrounded by sand, not water! Fishermen are only useful in an oasis.

New “bushes “Cactuses

New beasts: various scorpions

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