The Story

Spurned Heroes

What is this? The poor Vikings have lived their lives according to the will of the gods, have died honourably and are now in front of the gates of Asgard to gain entry to Valhalla. Throughout their whole lives they have bravely plundered Paris and the cities of Europe and milked their opponents dry – and now this! The gods don’t let them in! Just shut the door in their faces! No party to celebrate, no drinking mead and eating grilled boar meat. No eternal glory and feast on Odin’s side. This cannot be true! These ungrateful miserable gods! Spurn the Vikings – just like that!

Why? Well, Odin, the ruler of Asgard, is in a bad temper. A miserable temper! Even as a child his youngest son Leko used to play with bricks rather than participating in tournaments and Drinking orgies, as it would best suit a god. Technically the Vikings should have… well… Enough of this, a wolf pit isn’t an option for Odin’s son. So this happened: on his 18th birthday Leko ought to take the exams of the gods and become one of them. He failed in boar-long-throwing, in drinking a sea of mead and in Mjölnir-tossing. In the end Odin had enough, appointed his worthless son to ‚God of the builders‘, exiled him to earth and rammed up the gates of Asgard. Enough is enough!

So, here they are, the outcasted vikings and son Leko; sitting on the dull earth and wanting to return to Valhall. Since all the complaining and wailing won’t help them, they decide they need a leader to take on things. And in they have Leko, the son of a god. That suggests itself, doesn’t it?

Leko spontaneously gathers the slain heroes around himself. He will use his unique constructional abilities to lead the vikings up to the peaks of Valhalla Hills, to enter the magic portal and find their way back to the realm of the gods. If a honourable death doesn’t take you to Valhall you walk!

So, lend a hand and let’s get started! Up to the top and into the gate! The gods will see who wins out this time! Piece of cake! You won’t get away with that, Æsirs! Don’t test us! Not like that!