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Valhalla Hills is a building strategy game in the tradition of games like The Settlers or “Cultures”. The player has to lead his outcast Viking heroes to the top of a mountain, where a magical portal is leading to Valhalla. But to do so the Vikings need to do one thing first: Survive! The player faces challenges and dangers in the inhospitable mountain region and find a way to the peak. Since the Vikings wouldn’t survive long in this territory the player has to take good care of them, protect them, clothe them and feed them as well as help them to fend off ghostly residents and wild beasts. The Vikings with a mind of their own and a thirst for mead tend to have a relaxed view on things, making it harder for the player to achieve his goal. And then the next threat is nearing over the high seas… Valhalla Hills features an indirect control. You do not control single characters but give general commands. These should be well-thought, the protagonists have their own mind and their own needs they want to follow. Even if that means work is left undone. Constantly newly generated maps, varying mountain terrains, day and night cycles and a well-balanced economy-system ensure endless challenges and variety. Technically Valhalla Hills is powered by the Unreal 4 Engine making its optical performance gleam.


Company Overview

Funatics Software is a renowned, experienced and by now one of the oldest developing studios in Germany. Since its foundation in 1998 Funatics has been gaining experience with nearly all the facets of game development. We brought board games onto the PC, developed for Windows, NDS, PSP, Browser and mobile devices, and we supported other projects during their implementation and during all this never lost our passion for games. In 2009 we started the development of online games. We develop concepts presented to us, as well as our own ideas, nationally and internationally, always in top quality. You find an overview of our latest games and the classics of the past years here. Apart from the development of games we are doing more. Funatics is co-founder of the G.A.M.E. Bundesverband der Deutschen Computerspielindustrie, which gives developers a voice. We cooperate, for example wih the AV Gründerzentrum in Cologne, which helps beginners to get started. We give lectures at the BiTS (Business and Information Technology School) in Iserlohn, where the young are conditioned. Because we believe games play an important role in many aspects of life and we want to contribute.

Company History

The first title released by Funatics was the conversion of the classic board game "The Settlers of Catan". It was released at Ravensbburger Interactive in 1999 named "Catan - The first Island". This game, still known as the best board game conversions of all times, sold more than 200,000 copies in Germany. The "Cultures" - series, started in September 2000, with more than 300,000 copies sold, is so far the most successful product line in the company\'s history. In 2003 "Cultures - The Saga" was released as the seventh sequel. "Zanzarah- The Hidden Portal" (released at THQ Inc. in April 2002) is an adventure-action game developed by Funatics which gained high national and international praise and awards, exceeding the 90% border in many test reviews. "The Settlers - Heritage of the Kings", developed in close cooperation with Ubisoft and Blue Byte in 2004, sold more than 200,000 copies shortly after release in Germany only and 0.5 million copies worldwide. In 2006 the build-up classic "The Settlers II - The Next Generation" and the real-time strategy-hit "Paraworld" were released.


Developer Diary #1 YouTube

Developer Diary #2 YouTube


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There are far more images available for Valhalla Hills, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Selected Articles

  • ""Funatics genießt unter anderem für sein Cultures einen guten Ruf, zudem haben viele Entwickler früher an Die Siedler mitgearbeitet. Das merkt man Valhalla Hills ziemlich rasch an.""
    - golem.de, Website
  • "Im Vergleich [..] machte schon das Zuschauen bei Valhalla Hills ordentlich Spaß, was durchaus für Funatics spricht."
    - eurogamer.de, Website


Thomas Häuser
Creative Director, Game Design, Programmer (Game Logic, Level Generator)

Thorsten Kneisel
Game Design, Art Director, Artist (Level and Surface Artwork)

Thomas Friedmann
Game Design (Feedback guy)

Markus Oberrauter
Programmer (Unreal Magic)

Philipp Juschka
Programmer (UI and Game Logic)

Robert Schneider
Programmer (Coding Supporter)

Timo Schiller
Game Design, Programmer (Unreal Master)

Marion Fischer
Artist (Animations and Creature Art)

Anne Krienert
Artist (Environment Models and Textures)

Stephanie Hermes
Artist (UI Design and add. Concept Art)

Ralf Marczinczik
Artist (Concept Art)

Oswin Skomroch-Neumann
Artist (Additional Animations and Concept Art)

Peggy Häuser
Testing and Feedback

Yvonne Kneisel

Henning Nugel, Nugel Bros. Music
Sound and Music

Meinke van Oepen
Community Support and Developer Diary

Alexander Siemer-Schmetzke

ÜberRot GmbH, Dortmund
Video Team

Rebecca Sunderbrink
Best Boy

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